Lightly built Passenger hovercraft
Speed on sand 60 km/h
Speed on water 85 km/h
Speed on snow and ice 95 km/h

Hovercraft STRELETS has a simple and reliable design. A feature of the craft is its weight, which allows the machine to overcome difficult terrains with confidence. Reliability and maintainability of power plant give the craft a great survivability and long term operation. The craft is designed to move along the mountain and shallow rivers, sand spits, swampy lakes and flood meadows.

Driving up the rapids
High move speed
Main advantages of STRELETS
Light weight
Lack of a rigid displacement – type hull
Demountable design
Skeg scheme of flexible enclosure
Air cushion low pressure
Modular configuration
Modular configuration
The demountable design greatly simplifies the transportation, operation and repair of the hovercraft. The hull of the craft consists of duralumin pipes, connected by special cable locks, providing design flexibility and the ability to undergo significant deformations without destruction. The cable locks provide easy assembling and high maintainability of the entire hull.
Trailer transportation
The overall dimensions of the hovercraft STRELETS allow to transport it by a truck trailer. The trailer loading and unloading of the craft is carried out using a lifting truck. We offer customers a special trailer for transportation of the hovercraft, which the craft can independently go up and down. The weight of the craft ranges from 450 to 600 kg, depending on the configuration.
High engine reliability
In the power plant of our craft, we use four-stroke four-cylinder carburettor engine SUBARU EA71 with opposed arrangement of cylinders and liquid cooling system. Fuel is supplied by an electric low-pressure petrol pump.
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Flexible enclosure of the air cushion
Flexible enclosure of the air cushion consists of two inflatable cylinders (skegs) along the sides, bow and aft screen. Pneumocylinders provide buoyancy, hold the hull, and also used as shock absorbers when the craft moves on bumps. Cylinders have an outer shell of fabric with PVC coating and rubberized inner insert chamber. Each chamber is divided on three independent compartments. From below the pneumocylenders are protected by a removable protector produced of wear-resistance polyurethane. In addition, inflatable skegs provide high stability of the vehicle at all evolutions and at seaworthiness up to 0,7 m wave. Soft shells made of synthetic fabric of Finnish production with PVC coating.
Detailed technical characteristics of the
hovercraft STRELETS
Overall dimensions LxBxH
532x2,3x1,8 m
450 kg
Full displacement
1500 l.
Engine power
70 hp
Carrying capacity
350 kg
Maximum speed in still water
85 km/h
Maximum speed on ice
95 km/h
Obstacle clearance
0.3 m
Number of seats (including a driver)
Wave height
0,5 m.
gasoline A-92
Fuel storage
80 l
Fuel flow rate
16 l/h
Air propeller
About company
LLC «Ship Building Ship Repair-Fleet» is specialized in development and production of air cushion vehicle (ACV).

Production of hovercrafts is located in Nizhny Novgorod. The total production area is 8292 m².

In company more than 90 highly qualified people work, they provide design and production of vessels at high level. Experience of some employees in designing and creation of air cushion vehicles is more than 20 years.
Our partners
Main key figures
More than 100
implemented projects
1 000 000 000 annual
turnover of enterprise
18 projects of
own production
8293 m² production
27 general number of regular customers
More than 90
Address and contact details

Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod,
per. Sportmenskiy, 12
tel: +7 800 301 65 51; +7 (831) 238-91-74.

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