Year-round vehicle
Speed on sand 55 km/h
Speed on water 60 km/h
Speed on snow and ice 110 km/h

Air cushion vehicle MARS-10 isdesigned forcomfortable operation over water, overgrown shallow waters, sand banks, snow and any other relatively flat surface. Theamphibious vehicle perfectly moves on loose snow, along rivers during ice drift and freeze-up.

Main advantages of MARS-10
Low noise level
Anti-icing system
Towed transportation
High height of overcome obstacle
Three-cylinder system offlexible skirt
Speed up to 110 km/h
Familiar control system
Control system of hovercraft is made based on the VAZ torpedo vehicle. All known devices and sensors are located on usual place. There are also additional functions which you can get acquainted with by signing up for the Air-Cushion Vehicle (ACV) MARS-10 test drive.
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Transportation on a trailer
The design of ACV MARS-10 allows ACV to be transported on a car trailer. Deflated flexible skirt and skeg cylinders are folded up in transporting position and secured to the main vehicle hull. Loading on a trailer and unloading of the hovercraft is carried out by the means of autoloader. We offer our clients a special trailer for hovercraft transportation, which hovercraft can drive in and out by its own.
Anti-icing system
The hovercraft is equipped with anti-icing system to ensure reliable and long-term operation of steering gears in winter conditions. This solution protects horizontal and vertical rudders of the vehicle from ice formation in case of water splashes or wet snow ingress during motion. Rudder icing causes not only bad steering and high wear and tear of gears, but also increase in the weight of the vehicle, which negatively affects the running performances. Installed anti-icing system copes successfully with all these problems.
System of horizontal rudders
Due to the system of horizontal rudders the vehicle pilot is able to raise and lower the hovercraft bow which is convenient when passing high obstacle. Due to this solution the hovercraft MARS-10 has one of the highest parameters of overcome obstacles height for vehicles in its class, equal to 0,75 m. The big height of overcome obstacles enables the hovercraft to overcome ice clogging during ice drift and freeze-up.
Standard complete set of hovercraft

Diesel engine IVECO F1C (146/197 h.p.) with suspended devices and systems to ensure it performance.

Propulsion steering unit

Tooth belt of "Bando" propeller drive 1 pc.
Moulded aluminum four-blade propeller with engine 146 h.p. 1 pc.
Moulded aluminum six-blade propeller with engine 197 h.p. 1 pc.
Horizontal rudders 2 pcs.
Vertical rudders 4 pcs.

Plenum system

Drive belts of centrifugal fans 2 pcs.
Centrifugal fan 2 pcs.
Skegs inflating system 1 pc.

Electromechanical equipment

Accumulator battery (12V) 1 pc.
Screen wiper 2 pcs.
Windscreen demist and room heating 1 set.

Cabin equipment

Fiberglass cabin 1 pc.
Control panel 1 pc.
Adjustable vehicle chair 2 pcs.
Back row passenger chairs 4 pcs.
Middle row passenger chairs 2 pcs.
Front windscreen with a tinted strip 1 pc.
Ceiling lamp 2 pcs.
Air foot pump 1 pc.
Yellow flashing beacon 1 pc.

Communication means

Signal navigating lights 1 set

Flexible skirt

Three cylinders skeg system of flexible skirts of air cushion 1 set.

Spares and accessories

Drive belt of centrifugal fan 1 set
Oil filter 1 pc.
Filtering element of fuel filter 1 pc.
Fuses 1 set

Craft color at customer`s request
Six-blade propeller
Independent room heater
Engine starting heater
Spare set of flexible skirt
LED headlamp
LED main-beam headlamps
Ceiling LCD display
Front fog lights
Air conditioner
Audio system AM/FM/CD with 6 speakers
Solar tinted glass
Front row revolving chairs
Echo sounder
Voltage converter 220V
LARS for ACV + trailer for transportation
Radar-chart plotter with a color display
Electric winch
Parking canvas
Transportation canvas
Additional fuel tank
Reverse-reduction gear
Fixed GPS system with a color display and memory card/div>
Saloon real leather finishing
Подробные технические характеристики
Hull material
Aluminum alloy
Superstructure material
Full displacement
2400 ltr
Payload weight
900 kg
Passenger capacity
upto 10 per. including driver
Quantity of doors
Overall length on air cushion // transportation length
8 m. // 8 m.
Overall width on air cushion // transportation width
3,6 m. // 2,4 m.
Overall height on air cushion // transportation height
3,6 m. // 2,4 m.
Engine // fuel type// power
IVECO // diesel fuel // 197 h.p.
Speed on water
60 km/h
Speed on snow
110 km/h
15 %
0,75 m.
Height of overcome obstacle
0,75 m.
Fuel consumption
25-30 l/h
Volume of fuel tanks
320 ltr
Travel range
up to 500 km (with additional tanks up to 750 kg)
Propulsion system
Four- or six blade propeller made of aluminum
Anti-icing system of propulsion steering unit
Horizontal rudders
Air cushion skirt
Three-cylinder skeg system of air flexible
barriers, bow and stern skirts. Increased
diameters of skegs, to ensure additional floatability and crew safety.
Course wind stability
15 m/s
24 months
Each vessel mandatory passes a range of tests: sea trials, mooring trials and FAT. All systems and elements of the vessels are adjusted during tests, shortcomings are eliminated. After putting the vessel into operation our company specialists analyze client's feedbacks and perform improvements of the vessels to reach its best values and parameters.
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About company
LLC «Ship Building Ship Repair-Fleet» is specialized in development and production of air cushion vehicle (ACV).

Production of hovercrafts is located in Nizhny Novgorod. The total production area is 8292 m².

In company more than 90 highly qualified people work, they provide design and production of vessels at high level. Experience of some employees in designing and creation of air cushion vehicles is more than 20 years.
Our partners
Main key figures
More than 100
implemented projects
1 000 000 000 annual
turnover of enterprise
18 projects of
own production
8293 m² production
27 general number of regular customers
More than 90
Address and contact details

Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod,
per. Sportmenskiy, 12
tel: +7 800 301 65 51; +7 (831) 238-91-74.

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